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Long Term Money

Like a farmer, invest time and effort in these methods and watch them bear fruit in the long run.

Opportunities are endless

Making money online is easier and with the proper mindset you can achieve success online.

The following methods are evergreen to make money online. Explore them and make your online fortune.

However the key is to be persistent in your efforts and learn more along the way. The person who learns more, earns more. Knowledge is profit.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method by which you promote another person's product or service on your site page or blog and bring in cash for driving individuals to the promoter's site.

Possibly the best way to make good money online, Affiliate marketing is a skill which you must learn in order to make sizable income online.

You can apply affiliate marketing in all methods listed below and gain substantial traction on your blogs, websites or social media accounts. Browse through the Affiliate Marketplaces and learn about the products that you can promote online and make money.


Make your own blog

With your own website you can make money with Google's Adsense

In today’s digital age, having a website or a blog that boasts unique visitors can be your own gold mine. With Google’s Adsense linked to your website, it can give you a stream of income which grows with time. 

One of the most well known marketing programs on the Internet is Google’s Adsense. Practically any site you open today has those ‘Promotions by Google’ put at the left or right or lower part of the page. Each time you click on such a promotion, that website admin is paid a limited quantity by the sponsor, through Google’s AdSense. 

Sell your services as a web developer

Making websites can open multiple avenues for you to make money online.

Making websites, when learned properly can be a skill which you can sell online to make money. Be it as a individual consultant for a bigger company, or as a freelancer. You can earn money by providing end to end services for websites. Make sure you learn and test your skills properly before venturing out in this field. 

The competition is fierce, but if you develop a niche you can command authority on it and earn well. You can also learn about making your own websites and sell them online for profit, the process of website flipping.


Dropshipping Products

Drop shipping is a form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock.

Dropshipping is a modern internet based business that requires very little initial investment.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where an online store doesn’t keep the products it sells in physical stock or warehouse. Instead, when a customer makes a purchase on the online store, it purchases the item from a wholesaler and has it shipped directly to the customer. Imagine having a shop where you only sell when you have a customer ready and has paid you beforehand. 

Freelancing and sharing your talents

Work for yourself, set your own hourly rates and add value to your client's business.

Be it technical services, translation, teaching or transcribing. Freelancing can bring in money if you develop certain skillset and market yourself online. Choose from the best freelancing websites and start making money today. 

Make sure you’re adding value to your clients and giving good quality work in exchange of your fees. Good reviews will mean that you continue to get work online.

Explore different avenues where you can showcase your skillset and earn money.

Selling Photos online

You can make nice side income by selling photographs online even with a decent phone camera.

Stock photos are in good demand for creating content and if you searched online for images, you must have seen images with watermarks on them which can be removed once you buy a licence to use those images. The idea here is to make money through selling your own pictures to those websites and make money through licensing your photographs.
If done regularly and you submit a good selection of pictures which are accepted, you can create a good passive income for yourself. Your photos once accepted after passing the required standards of the website, you can get your photos being licenced and you make money over and over again.

Even more ways to make money online

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